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What type of network does the ISIS protocol support except P2P?
D. LAN (broadcast network)
Answer: D

Which of the following description about DR is correct?
A. In the network segment DR election, when the DR priority is the same, the bigger IP address is elected.
B. The source DR is responsible for sending Register messages with multicasting to the RP.
C. The receiver DR is responsible for sending Join messages to the multicast source or RP.
D. Assert Winner on the shared network segment may not be the network segment DR.
Answer: ACD

Two level-1 routers in different areas can form a neighbor relationship.
Answer: B

Which of the following description about ABR in OSPF is wrong?
A. There are multiple LSDBs on ABR and ABR maintains one LSDB for each area.
B. The ABR abstracts the link state information in the connected non-backbone areas into routing information and advertises it to the backbone area.
C. ABR also abstracts the link state information of the backbone area into routing information and publishes it to all non-backbone areas.
D. ABR can generate LSA3, LSA4, and LSA5 information.
Answer: D

The source tree uses the shortest path from the multicast source to the receiver, so it is called the shortest path tree SPT.
Answer: A

The first 4 bits of the IP multicast address are fixed 1110 and correspond to the high 25 bits of the multicast MAC address. In the last 28 bits of the IP multicast address, only 23 bits are mapped to the MAC address, so 5 bits of address information are lost. As a direct result, 32 IP multicast addresses are mapped to the same MAC address.
Answer: A

Which of the following BGP attributes are recognized as mandatory type attributes? (Multiple choice)
A. Local_Pref
B. Next_hop
C. AS-Path
Answer: BC

Which description about BGP state machine is wrong?
A. In the Idle state, BGP rejects any access connection request and is the BGP initial state.
B. In the Active state, BGP will attempt to establish the access TCP connection, which is the intermediate state of BGP.
C. In the Established state, BGP peers can exchange Update messages, Route-refresh messages, Keepalive messages, and Notification messages.
D. The status of both BGP peers must be OpenConfirm before the BGP neighbor relationship can be established. The two parties exchange routing information through Update messages.
Answer: D

Which of the following description about Network-Summary-LSA is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. The Link State ID in the Network-Summary-LSA is set as the IP address of the destination network.
B. Network mask in Network-Summary-LSA is set as the network mask of the destination network segment.
C. The metric in the Network-Summary-LSA is set to the cost value from the ABR to the destination network segment.
D. Network-Summary-LSA is generated by ASBR.
Answer: ABC

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